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The Freedom to Fail

Posted: August 03, 2017

Freedom To Fail


The teacher was blunt, her words cruel. “He has too many learning disabilities. It’s a waste of time for him to even attend school here.” Later, Ralph Showers overheard his Grandmother soothing his parents with this great declaration. “I don’t know what people think of Ralph. But I know what God thinks of him. He’s okay.” The young man struggled through high school and college, and finally persevered his way through Seminary. Others labeled him a failure, but, undaunted, he began to build his dream – a ranch for the mentally handicapped. While working on its construction, he made an almost fatal mistake by backing into wires carrying over seven thousand volts of electricity. God saved his life, but both arms were lost to gangrene. His Grandmother’s words rang in his mind, and her belief in him gave him the courage to keep going. Despite great odds, he continued building that ranch, and today he has three ranches for the mentally handicapped in northern Arizona. Delegates from around the world come to him for advice in starting ranches like his. You might say of him what Thomas Edison, another famous person familiar with failure, used to say to himself: “He failed his way to success.”

Appreciation - the holy grail

Posted: August 03, 2017

.  Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Whether it is a simple thank you for an act of kindness or a prestigious award for service to the community, the acknowledgement for a job well done motivates us to continue doing these good things.  Our children like to feel appreciated also, this can easily become a part of our daily routine by simply “planning” to take time out each day to just appreciate those we love.

We should remember how being appreciated makes us feel when dealing with our children. Sometimes we are so quick to point out what a child failed to do that we fail to acknowledge the good or expected things they do. The more we express our appreciation of the good things our children do, the more we motivate them to continue with this good behavior.

Showing your appreciation can help you build healthy relationships with your children. This can be especially true with teenagers. In this rebellious stage, hearing only about how their room is not clean or their grades are not good enough instead of what a great job they did looking after their younger siblings or performing in the school concert can shut teenagers off completely from their parents.

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