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Martial Arts is about Education not Recreation

Posted: August 03, 2017

Martial art is about education not recreation! It is not just a sport, or a game or an activity to fill up some time, but an established (5000+ years old) system that teaches life skills.  Many times we look at the martial arts as recreation and something that we can quit if it gets too hard.  What are we teaching our children?    It’s easy to do thing right, or do things in general if it is fun, or not challenging but where integrity will kick in is when it get

Self Esteem - 9 ways to build your child's self esteem

Posted: August 03, 2017

 Self-Esteem “The Joy of Being Myself!”  There should always be joy in being exactly who we are and not wanting to be a carbon copy of another person.  However easy that is to say it isn’t so easy to do.  Children have so much pressure to conform to what society deems popular at the moment.  Most of the time it is a negative peer pressure that our children deal with, pressure to quit positive things, be rebellious, and even look like a thug; the list goes on a

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