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Haters are going to Hate

Posted: August 03, 2017

Haters are going to hate


I love my teenagers.  I mean seriously, they are some of the best people I know.  But every so often I hear, "Mrs. Rueckert, this person said...." fill in the blanks. Now first instinct is to be shocked, or to pat them on the back.  Or better yet try to deflect their hurt feelings but instead I tell them something that inspires me.  I thought of all the inspirational things I should say like, “ seize the day, follow your heart”, but we have heard these things over and over again, you can buy a poster with these sayings on it.  I decided to be more real with them.  So Here is my little piece of wisdom.  As you grow up you will find more frequently than not, “Haters are gonna hate” so don’t allow yourself to be affected by haters and don’t become a hater.  Ok there it is my nugget of wisdom.  On the surface it seems rather shallow and meaningless advice, until you realize what haters really mean.  Haters is an acronym for Having anger towards everyone reaching success.

We all know the person who tells us we are not going to be successful at something is a hater, and so is the person who tries to pick a fight with us, they are clearly a hater, but what about the person who asks us to skip school to hang out with them, or someone who wants us to do something that if caught would get us in trouble? These people are haters too, what about ourself? When we look in the mirror and say, I am not smart enough, rich enough, cute enough …the list goes on and on…are we being self haters?  Remember the acronym Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success


What is success? The Dictionary defines success as an accomplishment of ones goals.  Ok so what are goals?  They are simply a dream that has a deadline.  Thomas Edison the creator of the light bulb said that most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  If success were easy everyone would be successful.  As a sensei I am responsible for the education of over 300 students and one of the things I always tell my black belts is that the only difference between successful people and losers are not the opportunities or money presented to them in their life time it is that successful people will do what loser wont.  Are you willing to do what it takes to accomplish your dreams?   Will you take the time to set your goals so that you are headed for success? Yes it will take work, yes it will not be something everyone immediately understands and I am here to day to say yes it is worth it. 

Everthing begins with an education.  While you’re in high school, learn to learn, find someone that is doing your dream job and ask questions, copy what they did to be successful. Don’t allow others poor image of themselves to affect your dreams and goals.  Don’t hang out with Haters…those that have anger towards everyone reaching success.

Create your future, be successful and dream big!  I dare you…

I dare you to smile when everything looks like it’s going wrong.

I dare you to be the first one to light up a dark mind with an inspired idea,

I dare you to see a need and take an action

I dare you to stand up for injustice and condemn the ones that are persecuting others

I dare you to say no when all of your friends are saying yes,

I dare you to keep going when it would be easier to give up

I dare you to love the unloveable

I dare you to make a difference

I dare you to find hope when everyone else has given up hope

I dare you to help the lost find their way

I dare you to help someone who can never repay you

I dare you to be a good role model

I dare you to never give up

I dare you to think for yourself

I dare you to walk away from haters`

And finally I dare you to succeed….